About Us

Easy Crypto Traders is a company formed by a team of PROFESSIONAL TRADERS with EXPERTISE in one of the largest market financial resources. Our focus is to provide high profit marketplace to everyone.

Our Mission

We hope to be a part of the trading community worldwide and help those in need. Our relationship with clients is based on trust and we do our best to maintain it. We ensure to provide them with the best service.

Our Plan

Be professional traders with expertise in one of the largest markets financial resources. Our focus is to provide our daily and constant profits marketplace. With our expert analysts, you can enjoy fairly accurate analysis.

Our Vision

Our mission is to provide the best business solutions and make everyone an active trader in their field of trade. We hope to educate people on trading tricks and help them gain better revenues from their trades.


Our IT staff is able to develop high- tech software for automation in crypto-currency trading operations, providing a high leverage ratio. We also have our team of qualified traders that is constantly analyzing the market in real time.


“Minerators” create Bitcoins using super computers to solve mathematical equations. The same process is also used to check for the previous transactions.

Bitcoin brokers

Bitcoin brokers will trade between currencies and Bitcoin, offering a means of entry into the market for non-miners as well as a means of withdrawing money.


Users download a Bitcoin “wallet” which functions as an email address, offering a means of saving and receiving coin.


We did it! It works and you can see the proof. Today, you too can be a part of our success story!






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